The Indigenous Marathon Project is a completely not for profit initiative and relies on continued support from individuals and government funding for its operation.

There are 2 simple ways to donate to the project:

Everyday Hero’s

Click Here

Every dollar goes directly to the project. You can choose to either donate straight away or build a fundraising page. If you‘re about to embark on your own challenge, then why not do it for our project. Build an everyday hero’s page easily, and start fundraising along the way to achieving your goal. We’ll contact you to assist with training and fundraising advice, as well as provide bonuses for target fundraising milestones!

Australian sports foundation

If you would like to receive a tax deductible gift receipt please donate through the Australian Sports Foundation

Please download this Form

Cash, cheque or credit card acceptable.

Please return completed forms to:

Indigenous Marathon Project

PO Box 6127

Mawson ACT 2607