Grace Eather

22 years old from Maningrida, East Arnhem Land Grace decided to join the Project to challenge herself and to promote health and wellbeing in the younger generation in Maningrida. She is passionate about education, and is studying to be a teacher, while teaching at the primary school in Maningrida. Grace was unable to train in the Maningrida community due to the risk of being attacked by wild dogs. Instead, she had to be driven out of the community and dropped-off, and then run home. During the warmer months, she had to be up each day before the sun rose as once the sun is up, it is too hot to train. Grace wanted to be involved in IMP to follow in the footsteps of 2010 IMP squad member Juan Darwin, who is also from Maningrida. She wanted to do for the women of Maningrida what Juan had done for the men.