Jurgean Tabuai

30 years old from Saibai Island Jurgean was the first ever Torres Strait Islander male to be selected into the Project, and to finish a marathon. Jurgean joined the Project to inspire young people in his community to take up running, just as he had. He has always been a strong runner, but has improved his running significantly since joining the Project. After suffering a leg injury earlier in the year, Jurgean returned to run a 40 minute 10km at the Gold Coast Running Festival in July, and went on to finish the 30km Alice Springs test event in 2 hours 34 minutes. Jurgean travelled to New York in November with the 2012 squad, before the marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. He continued with his training after returning home, and finished the Tokyo Marathon with the IMP team in February 2013 in a time of 3 hours 27 minutes. Jurgean is currently living in Port Lincoln, and is expecting his first child later in 2013.