Indigenous Marathon Project athlete safe in Boston

Indigenous Marathon Project athlete Emma Cameron has been reunited with IMP staff members following a series of bomb blasts at the finish line of today’s Boston Marathon. The Darwin based athlete was roughly one mile from the site of the blasts, which occurred at around 3pm Boston time. She was evacuated from the course at the 41km mark, and was reunited with IMP founder and former Boston Marathon winner Rob de Castella, and coach Tim Rowe shortly after. De Castella said he and Rowe were at the nearby race hotel when they heard the explosions and had realised that something serious had happened. “There was obviously a fair bit of chaos and pandemonium at the finish line, but we knew that Emma was still quite some distance from the finish, and that she would be safe out on the course,” he said. “Emma should be extremely proud of what she has achieved today, and she is a marathon runner on our eyes. At the same time, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by this terrible tragedy.” Despite not being able to finish the final 1.195km of the marathon course, Emma becomes the 21st IMP athlete to conquer a marathon, since the Project’s inception in 2010. Cameron was selected as part of the 2012 IMP team, but sustained a knee injury in the lead-up to the New York Marathon in November last year. After recovering, she continued her preparation for the Boston Marathon. The team will depart Boston on Tuesday evening and will be available for media interviews when they arrive back in Sydney on Thursday morning. For more information, please contact Laura Oldfield on (02) 6260 5750 or 0438 523 543.