Rachel Baker

Rachel says that running, keeping healthy and giving up smoking has changed her attitude towards her work and health. She is more proactive and less stressed and believes completing the marathon is just the start of a world of opportunities for her. Rachel was encouraged to try out for this year’s squad by 2013 IMP runner, Evelyna Dhamarrandji, who is now Rachel’s mentor for her 2014 IMP journey. Rachel keeps active by walking and running every day, playing basketball and she has also competed at State level athletics in 100, 200 and 400m sprints.  In addition to mentoring women in her community, she has recently inspired a group of five friends who now join her on her regular runs and walks. Rachel is passionate about improving the health of Indigenous communities by reducing health related illnesses and providing education about the importance of including better nutrition and more exercise into daily life. When she’s not training and working, Rachel enjoys fishing for mud crab, turtle eggs, oysters and crayfish.