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30km to New York
Leave your messages of support on this forum for the 2014 runners who will be running 30km in a final challenge to make the squad that heads to New York in November!
  1. mknz23
    re: 30km to New York

    Goodluck luck to the 2014 squad! This is the last thing standing in your way to make your dream a reality. When things get hard and your legs get heavy.. run with your heart. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving what you set out to achieve. New york is waiting at the finish line.

  2. Geeks
    re: 30km to New York

    You Mob are strong. You’ve already done all that work. I reckon you’ll make it all the way to New York. All the best for your 30K test in Alice! I’m barracking for you!

  3. streem26
    re: 30km to New York

    I run 3 kilometers a day. I do it for 3 months now I am happy that I can run everyday. I think for the beginners like me it is good. Don’t run too far and fast. Just enjoy running and take some rest if you feel tired. Running is my hobby now and I’m loving it. I lose 10 pounds in running daily.Also I want to buy one of cardio equipment I do not like going to the gym so its best way for me .If it lasts a couple years, it’s cheaper than a gym membership and way more convenient!

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