Teenager inspired by graduate

A 15 year old school girl was inspired to run her first fun run after hearing 2011 graduate, Bianca Graham, address a crowd at the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival earlier this year.

Brooklyn Judd was volunteering at the event when Bianca captured her attention.

“I was very inspired and wanted to learn more about it.  At school we were asked to do a project of our choice about something that interested us.

“I chose to do a run, linking an organisation to raise awareness about and after listening to Bianca talk, I decided to choose IMP,” she said.

Brooklyn participated in the 18.8km Connor’s Run in Melbourne on Sunday 14 September, fundraising for IMP, in preparation for her first half marathon on Sunday 12 October.

She credits a solid training base, consistency and the encouragement of Bianca with finishing her longest ever run.

“As I started the run, I was dreading it but as I got into it and we had set a steady and solid pace, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

“Bianca really did push me, making my time very fast and surprising.  She was very encouraging and getting closer to the finish she kept pushing me and encouraging me along with way which I’m not sure I would have finished it without her,” Brooklyn recalled.

Brook’s next challenge is the Melbourne Half Marathon on Sunday 12 October and she is already working through her race plan.

“I just need to not go out too hard, and to keep a maintained constant pace throughout the whole run.

“Set a goal pace and don’t go quicker or slower than it. I will also make sure to keep up my fluids and energy and use the drink stations. Maybe a few lollies or energy gel along the way,” she said.

For this unstoppable teenager, lollies or no lollies, as long as Brook puts one foot in front of the other on the day, she’ll achieve her goal; one that she has worked so hard to reach.

Good luck, Brook, we wish you all the very best!