New York is just 30kms away

On Sunday 28 September, the IMP team will take on its biggest ever challenge – the final 30km test run through the heart of Australia in Alice Springs.

The pre-sunrise start, to beat the scorching heat, from John Flynn’s Grave will illuminate Alice Springs’ iconic rock escarpment and shine rays of hope, determination, courage and heat through the testing 30km journey that will finish outside the Double Tree Hotel.

The final squad will be announced in an intimate dinner ceremony on Sunday night which IMP Founder and marathon legend, Rob de Castella, said is an emotionally charged announcement.

“It’s a very significant event.

“Our runners have worked incredibly hard for the past six months and this is the day where everything they have done is tested. The IMP journey has taken them all the way outside their comfort zone, so they realise how much they can really do.

“This is a difficult run. They will battle the heat, the terrain and of course the mental side of running can’t be misunderstood. They have only themselves out there on the road and it can be very lonely.

“They need to keep themselves motivated and reflect on how far they’ve come, what they have already achieved to reach this milestone, and most importantly, why they are here,” he said.

Final selection will be determined on those runners who have shown unwavering commitment to their training, who finish the 30km and it also hinges on completion of their education component, a Certificate IV in Leisure and Health.

“IMP is about celebrating indigenous resilience and achievement.  We want these runners to step out of their comfort zone and realise the incredible capacity they all have to achieve.  It’s not about a free-ride to New York, they earn every step.

“They need to earn it and through sheer hard work and dedication, it teaches each of them that anything is possible with focus, self-belief and a positive attitude.” Mr de Castella said.

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