Look out New York!

It’s nearly time.

Time to realise a dream. Time to put six months of training, hard work, tears and a new found sense of self to the test for the ultimate prize.

A sense of pride, achievement and the knowledge that the only limits in life are the ones we create for ourselves.

At approximately midnight, the squad touched down safely in LA overnight ready to jump on their connecting flight to running glory.

Rob’s update via text was not surprising.

“The guys seem excited, not much sleep by them!”

They also made many a friend on the flight, with fellow passengers wishing them luck and commenting that they had seen the on TV.

And on Sunday, they’ll make friends with the finish line of a marathon.

They’ll be besties. That finish line is so symbolic to these remarkable runners – it represents family, community and an unwavering resilience that proves if you really want something, nothing will stand in your way.

No amount of adversity or seemingly insurmountable challenge is enough to derail the mental strength of the 2014 squad – they are simply unstoppable.

But of course, this life-changing opportunity would not be possible without the generosity of our valued sponsors, ambassadors, supporters, employers, family and friends.

Each and every one of you will be out on that course on Sunday and with the 421,950km that will be run in total, you will be there in spirit every step of the way.

The IMP footprints imprinted on the course on Sunday will have more significance than just a means to an end; they will represent pride, culture, history, community and with the amount of determination driven through each step, nothing will erase those footprints.

Australia’s Indigenous people have an incredible capacity to achieve and come Sunday, the nation will have just another reason to celebrate their resilience.

If you don’t have access to watch the race, commentary will be streamed through the IMP website from approximately 11pm on Sunday night, going right through until the morning.

You can also track the runners with the TCS New York Marathon App – just enter the runners’ names or bib numbers for regular updates at the start and every 5km mark of the race:

Allirra Braun – 13953

Ruth Wallace – 12862

Elsie Seriat – 13860

Toni Daisy – 13834

Sarah Carmody – 12902

Nathan Riley – 13935

Brendan Peeters – 13880

Harold Matthew – 12982

Raymond Ingram – 12885

Adrian Dodson-Shaw – 13874

What a weekend coming up – keep the support coming!