Emotions shore to drive the squad at City2Surf

Nerves, excitement, motivation and the determination to push beyond their comfort zones are the emotions driving the 2015 IMP squad ahead of their very first City2Surf race on Sunday 9 August.

The City2Surf is part of the squad’s third camp, the final camp before the 30km selection trial run in Alice Springs in September which will ultimately determine the final squad to travel to New York and participate in the world’s largest marathon!

Only a few weeks ago the squad took on the Gold Coast Half Marathon, a flat 21.1km course.

There was no Heartbreak Hill in sight, and Jessica Lovett-Murray, representing Reservoir in Victoria, is ready for the challenge.

“I’m excited about embracing the tough conditions.  This race for me is all about stepping out of my comfort zone, pushing my boundaries, and really testing myself.

“I’ve done the training, I’ve been consistent and hopefully that will show out on course tomorrow,” she said.

The week has been intense for the squad who have spent the week completing the next component of their Certificate III in Fitness, meeting and running with IMP supporters, and becoming Level 1 Accredited Recreation Running Coaches.

They have been incredibly inspired and supported by numerous IMP graduates including Charlie Maher (2010), Elise Hull (2013), Nathan Riley (2014), Raymond Ingram (2014), Sarah Carmody (2014), and Ruth Wallace (2014), who have all shared their IMP journey with this year’s squad of remarkable Indigenous Australians.

IMP 2015 squad member, Alicia Sabatino representing Thursday Island, said it was a great opportunity to hear the experience of previous IMP Graduates.

“I have been fortunate to have had Elsie Seriat and Harold Matthew, who were also 2014 IMP Graduates, share their journey with me and continue to mentor me through my training and offer their advice.

“But it’s really important to hear from so many grads because each story is different. No two stories have been the same, whether it’s the runner’s background, any challenges they faced during IMP with any injuries, and even the New York Marathon; no race has been the same and I think it’s important for us to understand our race and our training will be different too, and that’s ok.

“I’m passionate about inspiring others and continuing the massive ripple effect IMP continues to have right across the country and I look forward to one day sharing my story with future IMP runners,” she said.

Georgia Gleeson, 2013 graduate, is also part of the event with her Queanbeyan Deadly Runners group which she established in 2014. Georgia volunteers her time to inject her passion, wisdom and self-belief into her Indigenous runners and has trained the group to participate in their very first City2Surf race.

IMP is also extremely grateful its 30 fundraising runners, who will be wearing their performance enhancing IMP singlet, guaranteed to earn them a PB*. We have been overwhelmed with the response from our supporters, and of course their supporters, this year who have so far raised more than $21,000 – with donations still pouring in!!

As the squad starts preparing for the day ahead – pinning bibs on race singlets, getting their gear laid out ready, listening to some relaxing tunes, playing cards together, or just chatting away –  we couldn’t be more proud of them and their achievements so far.

In just a few short months, they have run their hearts out. They have all had their own challenges along the way. They have stayed committed to their training.

Tomorrow, among a sea of some 90,000 runners, they will look back from the top of Heartbreak Hill; but never look back on anything else.

They will be victorious at the top.

They will be champions of the 2015 Sydney City 2 Surf.

And they will celebrate, together; as IMP Family.

  *No responsibility taken in the event of an IMP singlet not producing a PB.