Charitable Donation Scheme to benefit IMF

We are excited to announce our participation in a charitable donation scheme we believe will contribute substantially to the fundraising efforts of IMF.

The scheme has been developed by innovate360, an organisation that provides recruitment and consulting services as part of its “Future Ready” program.

The Charitable Donation Scheme is a central pillar of the innovate360 service offering.

When clients utilise the innovate360 recruitment and other service offerings, innovate360 asks clients to nominate their preferred charity or NFP to which donations will be made.

The donation itself is made by innovate360, however it is attributed to the fundraising efforts of the client.

The objective is a “whole systems” approach whereby innovate360 works with and supports business, its people and the community.

A healthy community makes for sustainable and better business.

The community’s need for support has not diminished, and fundraising efforts are becoming increasingly challenging.

To this end, innovate360 has established an altruistic business model to support the community out of “business as usual activities”, whilst imposing no additional financial burden on business.

The donation made by innovate360 represents a substantial proportion of the fees charged and would make an enormous difference to IMF.

As such, next time your organisation carries out a Recruitment or Executive Search and Selection exercise, please consider utilising the services of innovate360, so that IMF can benefit from donations.

Should you wish to explore the innovate360 services and Charitable Donation Scheme, their Website is:

For more information please contact IMF directly or contact innovate360 on (03) 9900 6403 or via email