Jacinta Smith-Robins

Jacinta ‘s tribe is Wangkumurra – (SA, NSW, QLD borders) Far North West NSW, grew up in the outback NSW town of Bourke where she currently lives with her partner and their baby girl, Charlie. Jacinta is very connected to the Indigenous community in Melbourne and her home town of Bourke in NSW. Her selection and involvement in IMP will have a significant impact in both communities which is a real bonus as they are very different communities being very urban and the other very remote. Jacinta does not know anyone in her region that has ever taken on something like IMP and wants to take up the challenge to expose her community in Bourke to a different path. “I want to show them that it is ok to have a dream and I feel I owe it to my family and community to be a role model and improve the self-esteem of my community,” she said. Jacinta’s long-term goal is to work in education and focus on Indigenous engagement.