Indigenous Marathon Project Graduate appointed to head-up program

He stood on top of the world and became the first Indigenous Australian to run the North Pole Marathon in 2015, now Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) Graduate #35, Adrian Dodson-Shaw, is once again creating history as the first Indigenous Head Coach/Manager of the IMP program.

Adrian will relocate to Canberra from Broome to take up the position and continue to inspire the future generations of Indigenous Australians.

“I have to pinch myself that I have been offered this opportunity, it’s really still sinking in. From running New York with the 2014 IMP squad, to travelling to the North Pole in 2015 – I hadn’t even seen snow before! – I know my impact can now be a lot greater.

“But the project is bigger than one person; I wasn’t running for me, I was running for my mob and my family.

“I have watched the Foundation grow considerably in the past two years and it’s a credit to all the staff and Graduates. I feel so privileged to be part of shaping the Foundation going forward and continuing the legacy that Mick Rees, the previous coach, has left,” he said.

Rob echoed Dodson-Shaw’s sentiment, highlighting the impact Adrian has had on his community and his continued achievements since his 2014 New York Marathon.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to offer this opportunity to Adrian and watch him flourish in a new, challenging role. It has been an incredible two years for Adrian, who missed out on selection in the 2012 IMP, but through determination and resilience persisted and was selected in 2014.

“He has since finished the New York Marathon, competed in arguably one of the world’s toughest races – the North Pole Marathon, and established a running group in Broome which inspired 2016 IMP squad member, Megan Highfold to trial for the squad. “His influence and impact speaks for itself, and I’m so excited to welcome Adrian to the IMP family and see how his contribution will further grow the Foundation,” he said.