Squad shines on the Gold Coast

Twelve squad members, 12 IMP Graduates, Deadly Runners, IMF ambassadors and supporters, all added their own piece of sunshine to the Gold Coast Airport Marathon on the weekend.

The event attracted more than 23,000 competitors locally, nationally and internationally – most relieved with the high turn-around in temperature!

It was the longest run for the runners of the 2017 IMP squad, one of whom decided to run 13km of the 21.1km race barefoot.

19488918_1506661929399092_8517505128649635303_oApril Barry’s feet were causing some pain just 8km into the event, but her problem solving skills are second-to-none.

“My feet were hurting so I thought I’d just take my shoes off and run without them. It was much better,” she said. And it certainly didn’t slow her down any, crossing in a fantastic time of 1:54:43.

Other squad members recalled finding their own rhythm in the race, chatting with other competitors and handing out high-fives along the course.

“I’d just find someone in front of me and peel them down, run passed them, and find someone else ahead of me to try and catch and run down,” said Sydney’s, Layne Brown “it was such a great atmosphere.”

The squad also had the added inspiration from 10 IMP Graduates, who shared their stories pre and post-IMP and offered some handy hints of advice leading into the race.

The Gold Coast camp is the second of four camps for the squad, who now have six weeks to prepare for the Sydney camp, taking on the City2Surf.

A full list of the squad results are below:



Zane Sparke 1:32:19
TJ Cora 1:34:57
Luke Reidy 1:47:24
Roy Tilmouth 1:49:28
Scott Cox 1:58:58
Layne Brown 2:46:25
Tara Liddy 1:50:07
April Barry 1:54:43
Allirra Winmar 1:57:02
Natasha Shires 2:15:03
Maletta Seriat 2:15:04
Cara Smith 2:47:56
  IMP Graduate results are as follows:

10km event



Nadine Hunt (2011) 45:48
Jack Wilson (2013) 46:24
Adrian Dodson-Shaw (2014) 6:39
Harriet David (2015) 1:00:46
Elsie Seriat (2014) 1:1048

Half Marathon



Bianca Graham (2011) 1:31:03
Charlie Maher (2010) 1:32:25
Saliman Bin Juda (2016) 1:43:10
Candice Love (2016) 2:25:52




Brendan Peeters (2014) 3:02:40
Daniel Lloyd (2015) 3:28:23
Colin Sampton (2013) 4:12:06

IMF Ambassadors, Dave Robertson and Pete Jacobs also particiated with Robbo walking (limping perhaps?) away with a PB in the 10km event in a time of 34:25, and Pete blitzing the half marathon in a time of 1:27:14.

And we of course can’t forget the man himself – Deek – who showed that he still has a fair bit of speed in the legs, crossing the 10km with barely a bead of sweat, in 46:47.

We would also like to extend a very warm and sincere thank you to everyone who visited the IMF booth at the expo and purchased merchandise, expressed their support fo the Foundation or simply wanted to find out more about IMF and its program.s We are always thrilled to discuss our various programs and the achievements of current squad members and our IMP Graduates. Congratulations to Jodie Lewis who was the lucky winner of an IMF supporter –  her optimism that she was going to win paid off when she was announced the random winner.

Special thanks also to the supporters who stopped by the IMP tent on Sunday to congratulate the squad members – they were on a runner’s high post-race and they appreciate the effort and interest shown by members of the public.

All squad members are now home (or almost home!) and ready to start preparations leading into the third camp in Sydney.