Bianca Graham

30 years old from Weipa, QLD Bianca decided to try out for the Project because she wanted to represent her local area and show others what they needed to do to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. She grew up in Weipa, and went to boarding school in Townsville, where she developed a love for running. She studied Business Marketing at Brisbane University, and now works as a Communications Officer at Rio Tinto in Weipa. Bianca is passionate about health and fitness, and with Nadine Hunt, became the first ever Indigenous woman to cross the finish line of the New York Marathon, in a time of 3 hours 40 minutes. Following the New York Marathon, Bianca continued to build on her running training, and ran a personal best time of 91 minutes in the 2012 Gold Coast half-marathon. She is now training for the 2013 Frankfurt Marathon in Germany in October, where she hopes to run a personal best time.