Bridgette Williams

31 years old from Mt Gravatt, QLD Bridgette has always been a keen sportswoman, and is actively involved in many sporting groups and organisations in her home town of Mt Gravatt, just outside Brisbane. While at University in Brisbane, she chaired the Barunga Centre Indigenous student committee. She currently works at Griffith University in the Indigenous Centre, and acts as a liaison between students and Indigenous elders. She is passionate about creating meaningful pathways for Indigenous students. When Bridgette first heard about the Project in 2010, she immediately wanted to be a part of it, and was ecstatic when she heard that the 2011 team would include women. She was one of the first ever Indigenous women to cross the finish line of the New York Marathon, finishing in a time of 4 hours 1 minute. Bridgette believes that life goes by so quickly that you must take every opportunity that comes your way. She is motivated by her Indigenous heritage, and tries to put back into the community wherever possible. Following the New York Marathon, she has continued with her running, and enjoys taking part in fun runs.