training for new york

The Indigenous Marathon Project, a program of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, annually unearths long distance running talent from remote and urban communities across the country, who receive six months of intensive training to prepare for the New York City Marathon.

A National try-outs tour is conducted early each year from which a squad of young indigenous men and women aged between 18 and 30 is selected.

Those selected in the core squad remain in their communities to ensure the postive health message comes back to their people.

Runners attend training camps that are based around domestic fun runs throughout the year, which includes:

Canberra AIS

Gold Coast


Alice Springs

Runners from the core squad are selected to take part in the New York City Marathon based on their commitment to training and the positive effect he/she has had in their community.

Those not selected and still participating in the program will be given the opportunity to run in the Boston Marathon if they continue their commitment to training and health promotion.

Plenty of notice will be given for the try outs, but if you or someone you know has what it takes to be selected email the IMP office at and we will notify you when try outs will be in your area.