Indigenous Marathon Club

The Indigenous Marathon Club is here to help you every step of the way to achieving your fitness and nutrition goals. Training programs are designed by Deek and should be used as a guide to keep your running on track and instil you with some confidence that your training is appropriate for your goal.

Please use the forum to post running, walking and nutrition specific questions to see what others have found to work and not work in your situation. And remember that we’re always here to help so please contact the IMP team if your still not quite sure (02) 6260 5750 or

Running Forum

IMP_Forum The forum is a handy way to link like-minded runners and walkers in an open discussion to share any triumphs or tribulations with fellow members. Please start a new topic or join an existing thread to leave your comments. READ MORE


IMP_Nutrition Here’s some helpful info from our team and other useful articles and links to dispel some of those nutrition myths. READ MORE


IMP_Training Designed by Deek and a great place to start when you’re embarking on a new running challenge. These training programs should be used as a guide only and please keep in mind that it should be varied depending on your fitness level, gender, weight etc. READ MORE


IMP_Events You’ll stay on track if you have a goal, and what better goal than participating in a fun run. If you chose an event then why not run for us – and raise money for the project whilst achieving your personal goals. READ MORE

Handy Resources

IMP_Resources There are plenty of organisations doing great things and new technologies that are either breakthroughs for the industry or just plain clever – here are a few of them. READ MORE