Consider imp this end of financial year – Make a donation, Change a life

We need your help.  Did you know:
  • Indigenous Australians are seven times more likely to die from diabetes
  • Indigenous Australians have one of the highest prevalence of Type II diabetes in the world
  • The risk of kidney failure is 10 times greater in Indigenous people than non-Indigenous people
  • The prevalence of diabetes is as high as 30% of the population in some Indigenous communities
This is just a snapshot of the health related illnesses suffered by Indigenous Australians.
IMP is dedicated to creating change, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles and reducing illness in these communities.But we need your help.
The End of Financial Year is fast approaching – please consider making a tax deductible donation to IMP and contributing towards a healthier, and longer, life for our Indigenous population. Thank you for supporting this life changing project and the future of Indigenous Australians.