I will be running a 45km Trail Race on the weekend and will proudly wear the IMP supporters’ top. Always happy to explain what the project is about when people ask me about my deadly looking singlet.

Running has become a great habit of mine and I’m so glad I took it up.

Often, people look at me funny when I say I started running because I had to lose weight but to put it in perspective; I had put on around 10kg in about 12 months after I changed from a physically demanding job (roofing) to studying with the aim of becoming a primary school classroom teacher.

Wow! Right?

Extend that out to five years and you got 50kg extra!!

Now, even if it is just 2kg per year, after 20 years you got 40kg extra on your frame! I’m glad I recognised what was happening and took action that has worked out well for my health – physical, mental and spiritual.

It’s a fair enough call if you question my mental health for attempting a 45km trail race just 8 months after taking up running, but seriously, I’m not even sure if I will make it.

I am sure however that I will start and at the end of the day it’s only the people with the courage to start, the courage to try, who give themselves the chance of finishing, of achieving something that was once unthinkable.

I hope by sharing these thoughts I help someone else find the courage to try something they haven’t tried yet that may help their health. The courage always comes from within, motivation comes from within, it’s just sometimes we need some outside help to ‘find’ it, or ‘uncover’ it.

I am sure the IMP squad members inspire their home communities to uncover their hidden potential to improve their health and well-being and that’s a big driver of why I support the program and ask that you support the fundraising page I started for my goal race of the Gold Coast Half Marathon. I completed that race despite being ill and I will continue to promote the page with each race I enter (and hopefully finish in one piece).

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