Why we chose to support IMP

Each year I take a group of runners to Sydney (from Melbourne) to do the City to Surf event. It has become a great tradition and the group gets bigger every year.

Fundraising for a charity has become an integral part of our venture to Sydney. It’s awesome to see everyone in the group get involved and excited about supporting a worthy cause and it’s also so great to see everyone’s friends and family support for us as a group and the charity we are supporting.

This year we decided to support IMP and we are so glad we made that decision. We chose IMP because a couple of members of our group had seen the Running to America documentary and were really inspired by it and thought it was a great initiative, and then the more we looked into what IMP is all about the more we realised how closely our own values and passions aligned with IMP’s.

As a group and as individuals we are passionate about physical activity and the many physical, mental and social health benefits that come with regularly participating in physical activity.

This passion led us to our love of running and taking part in running events. Running together creates a sense of friendship, community and achievement.

IMP sends that same message of the many benefits physical activity and running can have on the health of individuals and communities, physically, mentally and socially.

By giving the opportunity to young indigenous men and women to get involved, IMP also creates role models to go back into indigenous communities and further spread those positive health messages. What an amazing initiative IMP is!

I would encourage more people just like us to get behind IMP and help create more and more opportunities to promote this great health message in indigenous communities.

We are more excited to be involved with IMP than we could have imagined! A really friendly, down to earth organisation.

After the event in Sydney myself and some of my team met up with the IMPteam, squad, coaches and Rob de Castella, we had a ball meeting everyone and chatting about the IMP journey to New York.

This was just further confirmation that we made the right decision in choosing to support IMP.

Emma – Step into Life Box Hill (Melbourne)