From sun, sand and heat, to ice, snow and ski gear – that is the reality facing 2014 IMP graduate, Adrian Dodson-Shaw as he takes on his toughest challenge to date; the North Pole Marathon.

When he stands at the geographical North Pole in April, Adrian will become the first recorded Indigenous Australian not only to land at the North Pole, but also take part in the world’s coolest marathon.

“I am extremely grateful to have been provided with this opportunity by IMP.  What an incredible opportunity I have been offered, to be the first Aboriginal man to visit the North Pole and run this challenging marathon.

North Pole pic “I take great pride in having the responsibility of representing IMP and being an inspirational role model to my friends, family, community, and Australia, as well as future generations of IMP runners

‘My kids think I’ll be running with Santa!

“The program has changed my life and I am excited about  paving the way for others to realise that anything is achievable if you are willing to work hard, stick to your goals and understand that you are the only person standing in the way of what you want to achieve,” he said.

Adrian will have IMP supporter, Jon Brand, running with him through the snow on this once in a lifetime adventure.

Deek will be on hand to keep an eye out for some friendly, furry, white locals (aka – Polar Bears…) who might want to join in the action! He acknowledged the enormity of the task ahead of Adrian.

“IMP continues to demonstrate the amazing strength, determination and resilience of our incredible Indigenous men and women.

“This latest challenge for Adrian is monumental! Make no mistake, this will be very, very difficult, and will test him like nothing ever before.

“Remember he only started running less than 12 months ago! He is from Broome, hates the cold, and is about to run a full marathon in minus 38*C! Let alone being the first Indigenous Australian to go to the North Pole!

“Just absolutely incredible, and it will be a privilege to be there to support him every step of the way, I can’t wait to celebrate his achievement with him and all Australia!”

One of the world’s most unique marathons requires precision timing just for competitors to line up – a bulldozer is loaded onto a jet and flown to the start line to plough the starting area. Once the area is safe for competitors, they are flown in from a short distance away and the race is started.

We are calling on all of our passionate and generous supporters to get behind Adrian while he makes Australian and Indigenous history – help us reach our goal of $100,000!  Visit our fundraising page to get behind this incredible event!