In December 2014, IMP supporter Sarah Jefford, initiated and managed a Virtual Run – an event to encourage people across the nation to run during the month of December, track their kilometres and notch up their first cumulative 5km, 10km half or full marathon!

The event raised a staggering $11,000 for IMP and received incredible support right across the nation, with some people already expressing the interest to participate again!

The event was made possible through Sarah’s hard work and commitment, so, take some time now to meet one of our dedicated fundraisers:

I started running in July 2014 and have never been into any kind of fitness ever.

I completed the Couch to 5k program with the aim of running 5k at the Melbourne Marathon festival in October.

And then I caught the running bug and kept going, aiming for more 5k events and a 10k event in December.

I joined Running Mums Australia (on Facebook) and got to read Allirra Braun’s story about her New York Marathon.

In early November I was really excited to read all about the IMP marathoners finishing in New York and felt really inspired that one day I could run New York as well.

I decided a few days later that I would aim to run the New York Marathon in the year I turn 40 – which will be 2021.

I thought that it would be really cool to be able to fundraise for the IMP between now and 2021, but thought that asking my friends for money all the time might not be sustainable.

I had read about Virtual Runs, and so had a lightbulb moment when I realised that I could fundraise without having to do much (ha!).

I calculated that if I charged $20 and had 100 participants, I could give at least $1500 to IMP once I’d paid for postage and the medals.

So with that in mind, I created the Event on Facebook and advertised it in the Running Mums Australia group – and within 24 hours had over 100 people signed up.

Over the next four weeks I had a total of 574 people sign up and we raised over $14,000 gross. After paying for the medals and postage, the final net fundraising tallied $10,947.89.

This year I’m hoping to run a Half Marathon at Run Melbourne in July, and am frustrated with an achilles injury but am still addicted to running so I will get there!

And I’m still enjoying keeping up with the other IMP journeys, and really appreciated being able to meet Bianca Graham last year and she was very generous to come and run with our RMA event in December.

I’m married with 2 boys – Archie (4.5) and Rafael (almost 2). I’m the Principal Legal Officer at the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, which is a privilege and a joy to work for.

I feel like I’ve been lucky to have opportunities during my life and I reckon fundraising for IMP has been a privilege – as long as I’m allowed to cheer the runners on from a distance each year!