The Indigenous Marathon Foundation:

How it all started; and who created the concept…..

  In late 2009, Rob was approached by a Sydney based advertising producer, Matt Long with an idea and a question.

“Do you think Aboriginal men can run like the Africans?   I want to do a documentary that follows the journey of a group of Aboriginal men from remote Australia, to the famous New York City marathon.”

That was the start of a one and a half year journey that took Matt, Rob and four young Aboriginal men from the NT and remote WA to the 2010 New York City marathon start line.

The journey took everyone further than they thought possible, and it impacted their lives and the lives of hundreds of others. It also highlighted to Rob and Matt the true potential that IMP had to make a real difference.

With no initial funding Matt pulled out his cheque book and underwrote the project, and the now famous “Running to America” documentary and the Indigenous Marathon Foundation came to life.

1. Uses the marathon to change lives;

2. Aims to promotes healthy and active lifestyles throughout Indigenous communities nationally and reduce the incidence of Indigenous disease; and

3. Aims to create Indigenous role models and inspire Indigenous people.